TN: Chattanooga Interstate Construction & Oversize Restrictions

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This Spring there will be some major traffic impacts on I-24 and I-75 in Chattanooga, TN taking place over several weeks, and in some cases may limit oversize load travel. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (DOT) released the following info to help detour around closures.    

I-24 Bridge replacement over S. Germantown Rd

The first project is the I-24 Bridge replacement over S. Germantown Rd. The bridge will be replaced using Accelerated Bridge Construction, just like Fast Fix Four in Nashville; however, in Chattanooga there are not too many detour options. I-24 will reduce to two lanes in both directions and using both existing ramps and temporary ramps to detour traffic around the bridge on a local frontage road. Due to the topology, we are expecting major impacts to I-24EB and moderate impacts to I-24WB. Additionally, the detour will be a confined space for traffic as it will only be 11’ lanes with 2’ shoulders. It is recommended for this project that oversized loads, including wide loads, use an alternate route.

I-24 at I-75 interchange modification

The other project is I-24 at I-75 interchange modification. The contractor will be utilizing weekend lane closures to complete concrete repairs on I-75. This will involve closing two lanes on either I-75 NB or I-75 SB, while keeping two lanes open. The contractor is allowed 3 weekends for I-75 NB and 4 weekends for I-75SB. Again, traffic will have limited lane widths and several traffic shifts, especially in the NB direction. There is a possibility of the contractor closing the I-75NB to I-24WB ramp to align I-75 NB is its new alignment. The contractor is trying to figure a way to do this under nighttime lane closures though. This project’s restrictions aren’t as critical, but worth the note, especially for oversize/overweight loads.

Construction Schedule  Through April 2021

DB1801I-75 NB3/19/2021 9PM3/22/2021 6AM
DB1801I-75 NB3/26/2021 9PM3/29/2021 6AM
DB1801I-75 SB4/09/2021 9PM4/12/2021 6AM
CMGC03I-24 Both Directions4/16/2021 9PM4/19/2021 5AM
CMGC03I-24 Both Directions4/23/2021 9PM4/26/2021 5AM
CMGC03 (Contingency for weather)I-24 Both Directions4/30/2021 9PM5/02/2021 5AM