The New Mexico Department of Transportation (DOT) updated its weights/spacing allowance for 8 tire/10′ wide set up.

According to the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA), several industry heavy haul companies have been involved to see this change.

Prior to the update, New Mexico allowed 57,500 with a minimum of an 18′ spacing. The state had requests from various leaders in the heavy haul industry and the 18′ spacing was reduced to 14′. This created larger permit expenses so industry leaders are extremely happy about this change.

According to the SC&RA, the New Mexico DOT reviewed studies on trunnions and determined they have the same effect on infrastructure as a standard triple axle grouping. The state announced the changes at the WASHTO 2019 Spring meeting.

SC&RA and industry leaders are very grateful for this change.

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