Missouri announces several changes to the OSOW permit rule

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On May 30, 2021, an update to the rule which governs the movement of oversize/overweight loads goes into effect in the state of Missouri. 

As required by a law that passed in 2018, Missouri will allow cranes with up to four axles to move under either a single-trip permit or a blanket-permit. The blanket permit fee is $300 per year.

Other changes include:

  • Allowing single trip oversize permits of loads 10’6” wide and less at night, with escorts.
  • Expanding the maximum width allowed by a blanket permit from 12’4” to 12’6”.*
  • Changes to escort requirements.
  • Expands the threshold for daytime escorts for width from 12’4” to 12’6”.
  • New, less restrictive requirements for loads wider than 12’6”.
  • New, less restrictive requirements for loads greater than 160,000 pounds.
  • Additional 8- and 9-axle configurations and clarification of axle language for 10-, 11- and 12-axle configurations.
  • A statement allowing permit fees to be waived by the MoDOT Motor Carrier Services director in times of emergency.
  • Additional language to clarify the live-load analysis performed by MoDOT Carrier Express.
  • Clarification of the holiday restriction period for the occasions when Christmas and New Year’s Day occur on a Friday.

An electronic version of the new rule is available at www.modot.org/osow