IN Oversize/Overweight Permitting Policy Changes Postponed

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The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) confirmed some proposed changes to the state of Indiana’s oversize/overweight permitting policy have been postponed, which the association sees as a positive move for all. IN Oversize/Overweight Permitting Policy Changes Postponed

The Indiana Department of Transportation (DOT) released changes to be effective this month (June 2018), but according to the SC&RA they did receive confirmation, verbally, that the changes will be postponed for at least 6 months.

The state DOT’s proposed changes included:

  • Bridge analysis for vehicles weighing 134,000 pounds or more, including changes to permit applications and added time for permit approval to allow for bridge engineering analysis. This proposed change also included an additional $10 per bridge engineering analysis fee.
  • Axle weight limits and other configuration requirements for permitted vehicles, which the state would not issue permits for vehicles exceeding axle and tire weight limits in 105 IAC 10-3-3. The limits included:
    • Front axle of the truck or tractor power unit: 17,600 pounds gross axle weight (GAW) or 800 pounds per inch of tire width measured at the flanges (whichever is less)
    • All other axles: 20,000 pounds GAW
    • If the permitted vehicle will operate solely on interstate highways, U.S. highways or other lane state systems, such as 2-lane highways if necessary to reach these highways or the permitted destination, one tandem group may have a GAW up to 48,000 pounds (2 axles each with a GAW up to 24,000 pounds).

Click here for more information on the state’s oversize/overweight vehicle permitting program update. 

SC&RA said their conversation with the IN DOR (Department of Revenue) – which houses the permit issuing office – Chief Operating Officer was a positive one in which the COO was understanding of the organization’s concerns for its members and how these changes could affect them.

The IN DOT houses the bridge engineering staff that would be involved in bridge analysis should these proposed changes become a reality.

At this point, there is no approved reversal of some or all of the proposed changes, but the SC&RA has helped buy some time in which the state can review and potentially reverse what is being proposed, with the help of Indiana State Senator Brian Buchanan and Indiana Trucking Association’s Gary Langston.

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