IN DOT Updates to OD/OW Permitting Effective Now

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The Indiana Department of Transportation and the Indiana Department of Revenue have officially made a decision on some changes to their oversize/overweight permitting program effective Monday, July 16, 2018.

The state had proposed some major changes to steer/axle, permit times for loads over 134,000 pounds and bridge fee changes, and after some talks regarding changes with the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) and other industry groups, the state is moving forward.

Changes by INDOT include:

  • Vehicles weighing 350,000 pounds or more will no longer be eligible for 30-day route preapprovals
  • Steer/front axle may not exceed 20,000 pounds GAW
  • All other axles may not exceed 24,000 pounds GAW
  • Bridge engineering analysis currently required for vehicles weighing 200,000 pounds or more, will now be required for vehicles weighing more than 134,000 pounds
  • Self-propelled equipment may not exceed these axles weights and all permit applications for self-propelled equipment will receive a full bridge analysis and may need to make route and other modifications

The SC&RA had advocated for these changes to be postponed for up to six months.

Click here for more information on the state’s oversize/overweight vehicle permitting program update. 

The state also provided the following example of permitting costs for a 134,000-pound GVW vehicle :

Route: Indianapolis to the Illinois State Line, using 1-465N from exit 42 to I-74W to Illinois.

Length = 100 miles

Number of bridges crossed = 38

Permit fees for 134,000lb GVW and greater:

= $20 base fee + $10 administrative fee + $25 design review fee + $10/bridge crossed + $0.60/mile traveled

Example = $20 + $10 + $25 + 38 bridges ($10) + 100 miles ($0.60) = $495.00

Permit fees for 200,000lb GVW and greater:

= $20 base fee + $10 administrative fee + $25 design review fee + $10/bridge crossed + $1.00/mile traveled

Example = $20 + $10 + $25 + 38 bridges ($10) + 100 miles ($1.00) = $535.00

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