Highway and Permit Office Closures in OR & WA Due to Wildfires

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There are various highway closures in Washington and Oregon, and Oregon’s permit office is closed due to the wildfires on the West Coast.

In Oregon, the are fires 30 miles east of Salem, OR which is where the Oregon Department of Transportation permit office is. As a result the office is closed and there are few updates as to when they will re-open or continue issuing permits.

WCS customers will probably not be issued any OR oversize load permits today as a result. Expect delays once the permit office re-opens.

Highway Closures

Oregon has the following closures due to wildfires listed on TripCheck:

  • U.S. Highway 199 (Redwood Highway), two miles north of O’Brien from milemarker 34 to 41
  • Oregon Highway 99 is closed between milemarkers 9 and 17
  • Oregon Highway 138 is closed one mile west of Glide between milemarkers 16 and 83
  • Oregon Highway 213 is closed at the intersection with Oregon Highway 211
  • Oregon Highway 224 is closed between milemarkers 18 and 50
  • Oregon Highway 242 is closed between 85 and 55
  • Oregon Highway 422 at the intersection with Oregon Highway 62 from milemarker 0 to 5

TripCheck will have the most real-time updates available.

Washington DOT reports the following highway closures due to fire activity:

  • Washington Highway 173 in both directions from milemarker 2.5, just west of Bridgeport, to milepost 11 at Brewster
  • Washington Highway 410 in both directions between milemarker 13.37 near 181st Ave East and milemarker 11.46 near 166th Ave East

There are other high impact areas to be aware of, which are listed on the Washington State Travel Alerts Page.