The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) issued the Emergency Relief Permit for the transportation of divisible commodities consisting of emergency relief supplies. The Emergency Relief Permit is only available during national emergencies or major disasters declared by the President of the United States. This permit expires 120 days from the date of the President’s declaration.

Vehicles moving under this permit may travel to and within the geographical area covered by the emergency declaration to either:

  • Assist in expediting debris removal from roadways, staging areas, or temporary structure locations, or
  • Deliver relief supplies (the entire load must consist of relief supplies).

Note: This permit is only valid for travel in Texas. If the geographical location listed in the emergency declaration is in another state, carriers must contact each state they will travel through for individual state permits.

There are additional size and weight requirements. The vehicle may not exceed legal size limits, including the following weight requirements:

  • 21,500 pounds per axle
  • 43,000 pounds per two axle group
  • 53,000 pounds per three axle group (wheelbase more than 8′ and less than 13′)
  • 160,000 pounds gross weight

There is no fee for this permit and it can be applied for through the TxPROS online system. Form 1757 and Map-21 Emergency Permit Application can also be faxed to (512) 465-4248. For additional info, call (800) 299-1700.

It is under President Trump’s Declaration of Disaster, that allows for the self issuing of a MAP-21 Emergency Permit.

Oversize/overweight permits for travel into disaster areas for loads not related to relief efforts will not be issued for the TxDMV. Only oversize and/or overweight vehicles involved in the relief efforts will be allowed to travel in the Hurricane Harvey affected areas. Active permits issued prior to the disaster will be extended as needed for travel at a later date, according to the Texas DMV website.

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