The state of Ohio’s permit department announced some future changes which will affect nighttime moves, counterweights and holiday travel.

Future changes were summarized in a news release issued by the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA).

According to the release, Ohio Department of Transportation (DOT) Manager of Permits, Mike Mooreland announced a pilot program set to commence January 1, 2018 which includes changes to nighttime movement for overweight permit loads up to 10-feet wide, legal height and length.

The pilot program is expected to last six to 12 months and includes more stipulations including routing limited to 4-lane roadways, the need for nighttime movement to be specifically requested at time of application and lighting requirements in accordance with Ohio DOT’s operation guide for nighttime travel.

Mooreland announced the plan for future changes in the Ohio permit office and state permitting process, including:

  • Modification to the Ohio DOT crane agreement
  • Removal of weekend permit travel restrictions for Good Friday and Easter weekend
  • Future roadway and bridge construction to improve statewide permit routing
  • Improvements to the online permit program for a more user-friendly experience.

Mooreland and the state of Ohio have been advocates for change. In 2016, Moreland approved a 1 mile off permit route access provision for food, fuel, rest and repair and raised the threshold by which overweight permits could be auto-issued from 132,000 to 160,000 pounds.

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